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Travel to Egypt with few dollars

 Don't have a lot of money and want to travel to Egypt? Yes, you can do it, even if you haven't extra cash, never feel frustrated, I will solve this equation for you. At the first glance Put in your mind that you can enjoy your trip to Egypt in very cheap and not need except some smart ideas to start, of course you knew that any trip has a distance, a limited time or period and you the only one who can determine it, So if you give to your 60 days to visit Egypt cut the days to 30 days, but this is not every thing .following the next lines… 
The secret to enjoy your trip to Egypt in best price is to determine the point for the place you will visit. Egypt have a lot of wonderful places to visit and for every place has time, and its season such as Alexandria the common time most people visiting it in summer from June to August, this period especially in August Alexandria was very crowded with people and the prices increases in this season but if you visit Alexandria in Winter, you will enjoy cheap price and Calmness only hear the voice of the sea's waves without the noises of the people in the summer season.

I want to mention and remember to pretend that you old tourist and say just a few words in Arabic to trick any seller want to used you to bring money. Don't forget the information in our first article Visiting Egypt in cheapest price or read it if you didn't read before, because this article include the main rules which give you the key to trick people instead of they trick you.

On another hand there are a golden key which could open many doors when you treating with Egyptian is to take everything easily and pretend to be familiar with it ,especially the food ,however you can find your originally food in Hyper Market but you find it very expensive, so try Egyptian food ,there are many kinds of delicious meals and cheap compare with non-Egyptian food .

You can find the Egyptian food in anywhere, feel free and try it, and take this advice try to eat in local restaurants it's cheaper than the big restaurants. In the morning you can choose to eat beans and Tamya which a famous Egyptian food always be the breakfast in the majority of the Egyptian people, but there are another kinds of breakfast  like white cheese ,eggs or you can enjoy many kinds of pasty in local Bakeries with tea some of pies familiar for your as its look like a pizza and another kind is totally difference.

What to drink? not only the tea or coffee or Nescafe but there are fresh available juices you can enjoy and you will find some unique juices like juice of cane which called in Arabic Kasp Juice it's very common in all over Egypt and very healthy especially for kidney, it's considering natural washing to kidney.

Don't forget to take your portion in fresh fruits and the great information that Egyptian treated with different way from  Here in Egypt we buy by kilo not by pieces like out side Egypt and that make you get more fruits with best price and this rule on all kind of Egyptian fruits except Opuntia Vulgaris and  the foreign fruits such as Kiwi ,Avocado ,papaya. The goods new you can by only one dollar buy a kilo of any kind of fresh fruits, also the Egyptian sweets with less than dollar you can get  a pieces from any Egyptian's sweet and if you want more just put three  dollars plenty of Egyptian sweet or you can get a dish include different types of Egyptian sweet try it from small stores the sell it cheaper than the large store ,that's about the food.

The accommodation you can choose hotel or rent apartment will be cheaper, but notice these days the prices of the hotels in Egypt are very cheap than before if you catch this chance. The best way to rent in a cheap price is to search for apartment through the internet and choose the good price and place for you .This is a better way  than go to anyone face to face and ask to rent.

Many Hotels made great offers and special prices in some seasons not just in summer because of that you should always searching for the last offers maybe  you find great opportunity to book a room inside hotel than rent apartment. Follow the latest offers because its always updating related to the season.

About the transportation nothing new from the first article Visiting Egypt in cheapest price you will follow the same steps in case if it's the first visit to Egypt and when you visit Egypt many times you will be like the old tourist who riding bicycle to  go anywhere because they knew the places.

Finally be flexible , easygoing and remember always to follow the latest up date a bout the price of  Dollar compare to Egyptian pound because every day changing and Happy trip to Egypt.
Written By Mennat Bent Mohammed                          


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