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The second plan to visit Egypt in Cheapest price


  We will put between your hands second plan which you can from it make third plan and fourth plan, so we give you the seat as an example and you draw your schedule with your pen as you like. Remember in the last article (The plan to visit Egypt in a cheapest price) we put draw the plan that you can used for when your  aeroplane land in Cairo first, then normally you begin the trip from Cairo but if you land in Marsya Allam or Aswan or however any place, you will start from the place you reach to it .
 In this article we will guess you land in Aswan first, then so shouldn't go to Cairo before you begin to visit all the amazing places in Aswan. we talking about the amazing places  in the previous article (The plan to visit Egypt in a cheapest price)but no problem to give quick mention in this article for whose doesn't read the previous article.

First of all you should know that Aswan is a great gateway in winter in addition of that  it's full of wonderful places take care to visit all of it before leaving and the amazing places contain from three types :
Start with the templates like  Abu simbel , Edfo,kalabsha, Kom ombo and other templates  which related to ancient Egyptian before we turn to next type I want to take your attention that there are a fees you should pay to take a ticket to visit every template  therefore you must check the last update of the fees tickets through the internet for instance search with keywords Edfo Template fees and you will find many links choose the last update.   

 second type the natural places such as El-fetan Island
 which considers the center of ivory commerce in the past and don't forget to
 look after the last update of the ticket's fees ,don't worry about the fees
 because you will pay in Egyptian pound if you read the first essay
Visiting Egyptin cheapest price we mention that the  value of  Egyptian currency is too low. You can enjoy from the magic of the natural and a wonderful views of the Nile, many people whose visit Aswan before
said that the place there have a secret to cure many diseases.

Third type of places the modern look of Aswan to illustrate  the High Dam which 
is the greatest project built-in the modern era ,el-noba Museum which opened in November 1997 and El-Akaad school which is the first military school in Egypt built by Mohamed Ali,Notice I am not put the price exactly in the article because you knew the value of any currency in the world  always changes, So there are updates you should revision readily  it before you visit the place but feel safe that the fees of the public and tourism places to changes quickly to prove my point try every month follow the ticket's prices of one places like  any templates .   

After you leave turn to Luxor the nearest state which you can enjoy by watching the amazing templates of Egyptian ancient such as Karnak Template ,Luxuor Template  Tomb of Nefertari, Temple of Hatshepsut and the Hapo city is a huge template include Amoon template and other wonderful templates .

Next wonderful city you should travel to Marysa Allam where you can enjoy swimming especially diving in the red sea therefore this city have many best beaches likes Hancorab beach &Sharm El walwy  , last thing you can choose between 121 amazing hotels. Notice here it's easily you knew the prices of the hotels from the internet ,about the prices of diving don't worry you can know it from two ways the first  from the guide  who help you inside Egypt like we mention in the first article Visiting Egypt in cheapest price or you can use our guides which will mention for them soon in our website. It will be help you to find in every city you visit a guide in  a little price to help you and be sure it's safety ,also you can be a connect with us if the guide make you  upset in this case send to complain from him to delete from our list.

Hurgada is the next point where you continue your trip to see another way of enjoying diving and discover the life under the sea, From this point you will continue your trip to Sharm El shaik but quick notice there are an attractive place before sharm El shaik called Ras Mohammad (Mohammad Head's) if you see it on the map its very near to sharm El shaik .

When you arrive to sharm el sheikh entrance to the modern and natural city you can enjoy the sea by diving , watching the coral reefs underwater , ride waves and  many activities to do to illustrate the  desert where they make a Saffari and riding Camel . Next point is Dahab if you still want to follow the beautiful of the natural and the sea to continue your modern trip .

Then from Dahab you will be very near from Sant Katrin don't forget to visit it ,Finally you should stop here to choose if you want to turn right to visit  Taba or turn left to travel to Ras Seder then to Ean el Sokhna (the hot eye) when you can reach to Cairo nearly from  Ean el Sokhna.

I think it will be a long trip the end point is to going to go to Cairo then back to go home. At the End this is such a plane you can take it all or take part of it or change it to make it suitable for you and if you want more details or small plane don't forget to write a comment. Have a nice trip.    
                                                   Written by Mennat bent Mohammed


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