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The second plan to visit Egypt in Cheapest price

We will put between your hands second plan which you can from it make third plan and fourth plan, so we give you the seat as an example and you draw your schedule with your pen as you like. Remember in the last article (The plan to visit Egypt in a cheapest price) we put draw the plan that you can used for when your  aeroplane land in Cairo first, then normally you begin the trip from Cairo but if you land in Marsya Allam or Aswan or however any place, you will start from the place you reach to it .  In this article we will guess you land in Aswan first, then so shouldn't go to Cairo before you begin to visit all the amazing places in Aswan. we talking about the amazing places  in the previous article (The plan to visit Egypt in a cheapest price)but no problem to give quick mention in this article for whose doesn't read the previous article.
First of all you should know that Aswan is a great gateway in winter in addition of that  it's full of wonderful places take care to …

Learn some words in Arabic Language fast

Learning Arabic like any other language all you need to practice a lot, but in our case  we will just focus to learn  some few and famous words in Arabic. Initially stop thinking that Arabic is the hardest language maybe you one of the people you heard that and start to learn now a little vocabulary in Arabic which help you to enjoy your trip to Egypt, remember in Cheapest price.
After that you start quickly learn ,but you need to speaker translator like Google translate for example to hear the pronunciation of the word, because when you hear the word many times it make you better to say it in a good accent. Then let's begin with first and common word  (Salam Aleko) used if you want to say  Hi and the good news you can also used the same word (Salam Aleko) to say Bye. when you meet anyone in anyplace all over Egypt even in any Arabic country and say (Salam Aleko) he/she reply (weAleko El-Salam) .Some people saw the word (weAleko El-Salam) is too long, so if you feel that's …

Visiting Egypt in cheapest price

Want to visit Egypt in a cheapest price? you can do it but don't listen to the trick that says  Egypt is a tourist trap, this is a trick from the media of some countries because they knew that Egypt is one of  the wonderful countries all over the world  which made any tourist think about it first to visit, So they say a bad reputation about Egypt to convert  tourists to visit their countries in stead of travel to Egypt and  the funny thing that the  majority of people who say fake things about Egypt they are the most people enjoying visiting it.
Actually if you want to enjoy your trip get ride of the fake talking, Then take your turn to travel to Egypt where you will  find many attractive and different  places waiting you  to visit like pyramids, and other Egyptian's ancient temples such as Abo Simbil ,Atishbsot, elephants temple,El Karanak and much much more ,also there are many amazing natural places such as  sharm el shake ,Marsya Alam, Alexandria ,Hurghada, Taba, El sahel E…