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Learn some words in Arabic Language fast

    Learning Arabic like any other language all you need to practice a lot, but in our case  we will just focus to learn  some few and famous words in Arabic. Initially stop thinking that Arabic is the hardest language maybe you one of the people you heard that and start to learn now a little vocabulary in Arabic which help you to enjoy your trip to Egypt, remember in Cheapest price.

After that you start quickly learn ,but you need to speaker translator like Google translate for example to hear the pronunciation of the word, because when you hear the word many times it make you better to say it in a good accent. Then let's begin with first and common word  (Salam Aleko) used if you want to say  Hi and the good news you can also used the same word (Salam Aleko) to say Bye. when you meet anyone in anyplace all over Egypt even in any Arabic country and say (Salam Aleko) he/she reply (weAleko El-Salam) .Some people saw the word (weAleko El-Salam) is too long, so if you feel that's difficult believe me I tried to shortened the word because it's longer than this. If you see the word containing from two parts,  you can use the second part (Salam)if you can't say Aleko ,but remember the best thing to say the two parts of the word ((Salam Aleko)because this is very common word you must know it  and it's meaning is wonderful (Salam Aleko) literally means peace on you, easily try to spelling it and the more easily write the word on google translate choose from English or choose your language to Arabic and listen carefully to the word several times or you can write it like this (salam alaikum) ,also there is another word means Hi called(Marhaba),but it's less used and not famous like (Salam Aleko) and of course you will notice that the reply of (Salam Aleko) is (weAleko El-Salam) means you also peace on you too.

Next common word is (Mashe) you can use it in two different situations if you want to go away or if you want to say yes on anything, this word is very easy( Ma- she) try it  (  instead of  me  remove the e and put A  Ma…  then she you knew she it's the same pronunciation  then tell it all together Mashe) notice you don't find it the meaning in google translate because this is a slang word but if you write Mashy like that will give you the same pronunciation like Arabic and very common in Egypt more than any other Arabic country, also you can say ( peace ya man ) if you agree on something but this expression used it only with youth or young people or any person who looks like educated because we used a bit English words in our slang language. The opposite of yes is no in Arabic called (LA). MehTag means need (cut the word on two Meh   then Tag you knew question Tag in Grammar the same pronunciation Tag then combine the two pieces in one word MehTag) but you want to say ( I ) in Arabic before Mehta ,then how you say it?you will laugh if you knew that the name  Ana  means I in Arabic say Ana means I to say I need equal  (Ana - MehTag) . 
Then you want to know directions in Arabic because you will need it a lot (Straight = Ala tool), ( Ala tool) used it if you want to tell the driver to driver straight not turn right or left , ( Ala tool) also slang word  say Ala by itself the you knew word( tool) it the same pronunciation  . (yemeen means right ,Shemal means left )
You can find it in google translate easily and people used it a lot in streets ,try it now it's ridiculously  easy (yah  remove h  tell ya and word men but put double e  meen try together yameen) the same thing try by (shemal say she the then say mal not male you knew man remove the N and put l mal try together shemal). ergaa- waara  means go back, This word is slang, but  try to write this word like I written, in google translate I tried it and found the pronunciation is too close for the real word, however don't look in the meaning  on google remember its slang , Lef means turn ,also this word lef is slang (Left  say it without T Lef) try them.

Food you need some vocabulary to explain the food you taste or want, You can use helo means good or sweat or laziz try to write it only laziz  in google translate and listen to the  pronounce, it's nearly to the real word, whichaa means bad, focus   whichaa  is slang ,write it on google translate to hear how to say it right.
Transportation vocabulary I will choose for you the common and easy word bus you want bus there are three kinds of transportation large bus called autopeace  (try word auto   by itself  then say peace  ,then  combined  the two words by the same pronunciation Autopeace) ,but attention avoid to ride the autopeace because it's not verysafe, second kind is Microbus it's small bus and very common in Egypt more safety than the autopeace (Try the word cut it like micro the say it in English then say bus ok combined together microbus ), third kind is Minibus also in Arabic you can say it minibus normally remember Egyptian used in their slang language some little word in English. These three kinds of transportation in addition to a Taxi and Metro because of course you knew the taxi and metro it's called the same in Arabic Taxi or Metro with the same pronunciation the last thing the train called Atter and don't worry you not need to use it  a lot ,last thing is tayara  means plane or aeroplane and you can listen it in google translate .

Finally try the words listen to it many times in google translate and the slang words try the cut style I create for you for you and don't frustrated if you tried and feel it difficult about the slang words  ,leave a comment ,and I will make an audio include the pronunciation of the slang vocabulary.
                                               Good Luck
                                Written by Mennat bent Mohammed                                   


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